"…And you’re quite a good kisser"
"Just wait til I actually have my heart back"
"…Use mine for the both of us."


Regal Believer Appreciation Week

Day Seven: Favorite Lana/Jared moments/quotes talking about RB
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One of the biggest things that makes Regina and Henry’s relationship so well done and believable is the stars behind it. Lana and Jared are fascinating to watch as actors as they play these roles together. They put so much of themselves into it and this dynamic couldn’t be what it is today without the chemistry and real life friendship they bring to the table.

But in addition to that, they also care about Regina and Henry as much as, if not more so than the fans. It’s not a storyline they take lightly and that sort of care translates beautifully into the show in a way that makes this relationship one of the really special ones.


The life and adventures of Emma Swan.

Oskar, a blind 8-week old kitten, playing with his toys for the first time. x

"[Regina] obviously has dark magic, but there’s one thing that she - … a weapon she always goes to."(x)



A lot of my friends ask to touch my head. I just stand there and get stroked for five minutes. It’s a free massage.

Nostalgia is a dirty liar that insists things were better than they seemed. —Michelle K., I Can’t Stop Questioning It. (via milk-boxes)


i like girls who look like they kill people for a living




do you ever have a notp that you antiship so hard that you actually get nauseous when people mention it


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